What we do

What do we do?

Círculo Cuadrado (square circle) is a company specialized in communication and PR for architecture, industrial and interior design in the Mexican market. Working as a team with our clients we create communication and outreach strategies for echoing their messages throughout our wide net within the industry.

We are an organization that spins around people.
We do the follow up to make things happen.
We have 27 years of experience in the architecture,
interior and industrial design scene in Mexico.

For architecture, interior
and industrial design firms:

a) We manage the firm´s information and their projects, creating a wider diffusion through acknowledgment and publication of their achievements and successes. Among other activities we offer:

  • Image and business strategy consultation.
  • Projects archive managing (images and text).
  • Specialized text writing for the architecture and design sectors, both in Spanish and English.
  • Creation or coordination of communication elements such as photography, texts and graphic material.
  • Digital footprint building and web sites implementation.
  • Digital Newsletters and press releases.
  • Social media accounts management.

b) We connect the firm’s directors with their industry. We make public and spread the achievements of our clients in media, exhibitions and all the communication platforms at our reach to promote them. We make this happen by:

  • Participating in the industry events such as lectures, media interviews, thematic pavilions, fairs.
  • Coordinating agendas and encounters within the industry.
  • Managing the communication and pr activities with digital and printed media.

For companies of specialized products
and services for the industry:

a) We team up to create communication strategies to achieve the correct reception of the messages by the industry professionals. We have achieved for our clients:

  • Communication consultancy and creation of key messages focusing on the industry professional targets.
  • Managing and support of the creation of documents and information for the industry professionals.
  • Social media and electronic media managing.

b) We convene the industry professionals in the events created with our clients.

  • Meetings and reunions with industry professionals.
  • Strategic launching of products.
  • Consultation regarding the participation in the industry exhibitions and events.